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Slides from my talk @YOW!West

It's been a busy couple of weeks with two excellent conferences. A few days ago I gave my talk at YOW!West. The week before that was YOW! Lambda Jam - a conference dedicated to Functional Programming. There was a lot of preparation required - I had to write a lot of Scala code to accompany … Continue reading »

Upcoming Talk - Scala For Business Automation @YOW!West

I've been asked to speak next month at the YOW!West conference in Perth. The talk is all about solving real world business problems with Scala. YOW!West is a conference for developers focussed on providing the latest information on new technologies, practices and methods from a wide range of current topics, given by international, national, and … Continue reading »

Slides from my talk @ScalaSyd

I gave a talk last night at ScalaSyd on the excellent book Functional Programming in Scala. Slides are available below and here.