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John wrote a great post a few months back on the virtues of lazy evaluation and using this to generate infinite length geometric Brownian motion prices series. Lazy evaluation is popular in functional programming, whereby the evaluation of expressions is deferred until when they are actually needed. The purely functional language Haskell defaults to lazy … Continue reading »

Slides from my talk @YOW!West

It's been a busy couple of weeks with two excellent conferences. A few days ago I gave my talk at YOW!West. The week before that was YOW! Lambda Jam - a conference dedicated to Functional Programming. There was a lot of preparation required - I had to write a lot of Scala code to accompany … Continue reading »

Upcoming Talk - Scala For Business Automation @YOW!West

I've been asked to speak next month at the YOW!West conference in Perth. The talk is all about solving real world business problems with Scala. YOW!West is a conference for developers focussed on providing the latest information on new technologies, practices and methods from a wide range of current topics, given by international, national, and … Continue reading »

Slides from my talk @ScalaSyd

I gave a talk last night at ScalaSyd on the excellent book Functional Programming in Scala. Slides are available below and here.