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Blockchain CTO Summit talk

I spoke last week at the YOW! CTO Summit on blockchain technology and the state of the eco-system. The slides from the talk are available below.

Manage ether hardware wallets from the command line with web3j + Infura

I recently purchased a Ledger Nano S which is a great little hardware wallet that caters for both Bitcoin and Ether. Prior to purchasing my hardware wallet I had a lot of Ether in Ethereum wallet files on disk, which isn't a sustainable strategy for storing any cryptocurrency. Using the web3j command line tools with … Continue reading »

Java & the blockchain talk

I spoke this evening at the Sydney JVM Meetup about Ethereum and web3j. The slides from the talk are available below. Thanks to Pivotal Labs for sponsoring the event and Mitch for filming the talks, which are available here.

web3j Android port now available for Ethereum

After announcing the 1.0 milestone of web3j, it was clear that there was demand for an Android port of web3j. As of the latest release - 1.0.5 of web3j, I am publishing Java 1.6 (i.e. Android) compatible releases. The first Android release is available here, and the artefacts are available on JFrog's Bintray and Maven's … Continue reading »

web3j command line tools

One of the challenges for developers working with libraries, is that they often end up writing utility tools to utilise certain library functionality from the command line. Not wanting this to be an issue for users of web3j, I am now releasing a stand-alone (fat-jar in Java speak) web3j command line tools with each web3j … Continue reading »

web3j milestone v1.0 release

Today web3j has hit the milestone 1.0 release, providing a number of key pieces of functionality for integrating Java applications with Ethereum: Complete implementation of Ethereum's JSON-RPC client API Ethereum wallet support Auto-generation of Java smart contract wrappers to create, deploy, transact with and call smart contracts from native Java code Support for Parity's Personal, … Continue reading »

Interview on The Ether Review Podcast

Arthur Falls of Consensys was in Sydney just after Devcon2 last month. During which time he interviewed myself and Nick Addison of Finhaus Labs about the work we'd been doing with Othera. I also provided an overview and background on web3j. We're the opening 15 minute segment in the podcast, but there's lots of great … Continue reading »

Announcing web3j - a lightweight Java library for connecting to nodes on the Ethereum blockchain

The last week marked the first release of web3j which I've been working on. web3j is a lightweight Java library for integration with clients (nodes) connected to the Ethereum blockchain. For those of you familiar with Nethereum, it serves a very similar purpose, except targeting developers on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) platform, so can … Continue reading »

Ether Mining 101

I gave a talk last night about getting up and running mining the cryptocurrency Ether at the SydEthereumMeetup last night. The slides from my talk are available below. Thanks to Tyro for the space, and the SydEthereum crew for putting on such a good night.


John wrote a great post a few months back on the virtues of lazy evaluation and using this to generate infinite length geometric Brownian motion prices series. Lazy evaluation is popular in functional programming, whereby the evaluation of expressions is deferred until when they are actually needed. The purely functional language Haskell defaults to lazy … Continue reading »